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Solar    Thermal   Power   Project

World Renewal Spiritual Trust (WRST), a registered Charitable Trust / solar research centre and a sister organization of the Brahma Kumaris, is setting up a 1.0 Mw el. solar thermal power plant in order to demonstrate and multiply this alternative technology for India.

Energy is one of the most important requirements for this world to function properly. Its availability and regular supply are of paramount interest.
As we are all aware, energy and fuel prices are rising day by day and the negative effects of global warming are more and more visible.

After detailed evaluation of various solar technologies, WRST came to the conclusion to make use of the in-house developed 60m2 Scheffler parabolic dish in order to set up a solar thermal power plant near its Shantivan Campus in Abu Road, Rajasthan. For this project, WRST has teamed up with Fraunhofer Institute (ISE) and enjoys the support of Wolfgang Scheffler. WRST is in close liaison with various solar R&D institutions and manufacturers and has initiated all necessary steps for completion of this project. The WRST solar team has developed and built a 50/60m2 dish and receiver prototype which has undergone already successful extensive field tests.

The thermal solar power plant (solar only) will be the first of its kind in the world in dish technology in direct steam generation mode, with full thermal storage for 16 hrs continuous operations for base load.

Deutsche Welle or DW is Germany's international broadcaster. It documents on solar energy in Brahma Kumaris and construction of "India One" Solar Thermal Power Plant by World Renewal Spiritual Trust. Result of combination of spirituality and science

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